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 Last Vegas Slot Gold DragonToday, you don’t have to physically go to Atlantic City or Vegas to play the best RTP slots in Vegas – everyone’s connected to the Internet. Although, Vegas in flesh has a lot of chances to amuse, surprise, and sometimes even daunt you, so visiting it is a classy idea for the soul and heart, you really can feel a part of it by simply playing online. And in this article, we’re telling you, which are the best slots to play best slots in Vegas and win, and whether it is true or not that winning chances alter depending on the time of the day you’re playing free Vegas slots.

What is the best slot in Vegas?

Things will depend on the principle of your game – whether it is done online or offline. Offline RTP is significantly lower than the online one. So, logically, you should be interested in a higher return rate.

The list of best returning online slots from Vegas as of today looks like this: Goblin’s Cave, Ugga Bugga, Ocean Princess, Wheel of Fortune, Thunderstruck II, Triple Diamond, Wizard of Oz, Mega Fortune, Flaming Hot, Book of Ra Deluxe, Avalon II, Guns ‘n’ Roses & Starburst.

What Vegas slots are the easiest to win?

Last Vegas Slot FiftiesEach video slot game offers the RTP rate – at all times, below 100% (which creates a house advantage and interest of the casino to do what it’s doing). It would be reasonable to pick those video slots, which offer you at least 90% of RTP rate – if you’re a risky enough person. However, if you really don’t want to lose but still want to experience the game of chance, you should pick those, which are closer to 99% of RTP. Also, mind the volatility of the slot (if such information is available). Do not pick those with high volatility, that is, a large distance between payouts to players, as you’re risking to lose all your money.

In an offline Vegas on average, the RTP is 91.74% – just for you to know.

What time is it better to play in Vegas?

There are a number of theories presuming that the game of luck, which is the core basis for Las Vegas poker machines (as well as any other machines) depend on any outer condition: weather, time of the day, season or year, how many gamblers there are on the physical or online tables/video slots, or your bets.

Well, folks, nothing of that really impacts the result of the game. There is no best time to play slots in Vegas.

The principle of any and all classic Vegas slots is that any bet you make creates just one instance of the probability of an outcome, whatever it would be, in this very same moment of the play, without being linked to any past, simultaneous, or future conditions, which are out of the slot machine’s hardware/software. That is, when you hit the ‘play’ button, no other conditions or prerequisites but pure luck affect the result on the screen.

Whilst in card games, luck is not the only affecting parameter (as counting cards and the ability to bluff may play in your favor), such things as high roller Vegas slots are simply game of chance, not connected to anything more.

There is, however, one thing that you can affect – if this slot you’re playing is added to the system of progressive jackpots, there is a rule of being eligible to win it – to make max bets. Pretty much all new and old Vegas slots have this condition. If you’re not doing max bets in a slot, you’re not a part of the game that leads you to a jackpot. Others may obtain it, not you. But as this strategy leads you to more losses, which you might not want, simply avoid the progressive jackpot slot machines and, with a nice RTP rate, you’re able to win humbly. But you’ll secure yourself from losing large.

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