Should operators give money back to cheaters?


casino gamesThe issue of cheating is now widely discussed in some regulated markets. Casinos licensed in Curacao just laugh at outrages of addicted punters demanding money back. But in countries such as Australia or Britain such complaints often reach a favorable decision in favor of a gambler.  Recently the bookmaker Betfair received a decision from the regulator in the Northern Territory (Australia) to return the money to the punter — 150,000 Australian dollars. Plus the operator was fined $13,175 for the third such violation. It can only be more profitable no max cashout no deposit bonus 2021 Canada.

The fact is that Betfair, according to the regulator, ignored clear signs of gambling addiction and allowed large expenditures. An unidentified punter was losing big money. At one point, he lost 86,000 in less than 25 minutes. And 47 minutes after that, he made a deposit of 35,000. Other signs of the punter’s addiction were that he canceled the withdrawal and blew 145,000 in one day. The punter had also used self-exclusion on multiple occasions in the past. The regulator saw other signs of cheating in the case. Therefore, the decision was against the bookmaker. Since the operator violated the rules of responsible gaming, the bets were considered invalid and the money should be returned to the punter. This is not the first case. UK Gambling Commission, the UK regulator, regularly fines for such violations. Should the responsibility for uncontrolled gambling really be put on casinos and bookmakers? Or it is a problem of addicts themselves? Surely not a single addict complains when he wins and withdraws money.

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