Limited gaming – what are the options?


money gameIt is true that there is a lot of excitement going on within the online gambling industry. It is also true that new rules and regulations are going to change things quite a bit within the casino world. In fact, it is a great possibility that from this day forward things may never be the same. That is as long as the new Internet rules that are in the process of being applied in America will see games other than the lottery, poker or european roulette online (more information look here —

People love to have choices but it seems that all the talk is geared toward poker and those states that have the lottery are super excited about the possibility of being able to offer the game at an online casino. What about slot machines, craps, roulette? There is nothing anywhere that says these games are going to be left out of the line-up but there is no talk about them being added either. 

It will be interesting to see exactly what happens. Most of the powers that be think that the ability to sell lottery tickets online will bring in more money. This may or may not be true. The latter is more likely because the lottery has been around for a very long time already. People who play will continue, some will purchase their tickets online while others will continue to go to their local convenience store to purchase them. The change of there being enough new lottery players to garner a sizable increase in revenue is unlikely. 

If the new casinos (Dama Casinos and others) do not offer other games besides poker and theonline game lottery then there is a pretty good chance that they will fail. Yes, there are millions of poker players in the United States, but there many, many more slot players. People just love to play these types of games. It would seem that even though each individual state has the green light, for now, to get these online businesses up and running, giving the people added choices in games is what will truly bring in more revenue. 

The states that don’t end up offering additional gaming opportunities will most likely continue to see revenue leaving their state to other countries who are more than happy to provide players with what they want. When we look at all of this excitement with clear glasses instead of rose colored ones, we can clearly see that this venture is already somewhat limited in scope. Hopefully that will change to make as many players as possible happy and to truly bring in the revenue that some are hoping for.

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